Does consumerism lead us to happiness? Can we figure out why we are in America with consumerism? How can we break free from the system of capital gains and enjoy our lives outside of these ticky-tacky boxes we love so much? A brief look into the hedonistic consumerism in the U.S. and why it is such a major impact on our health, happiness, and freedoms.

What does it mean to be alive? Breathing, acting on impulses to eat, to drink, to find a mate, expelling all your energy in order to survive? If this is what it means…

Murder of Sound

What if you could write a letter to yourself back in march of 2020? What would you say? How would you describe the world?

Yes, this is you from the future, in a few months in October of 2020. I know you don’t believe me, but in about 3 seconds your wife will pop in asking if you want to go to lunch.

….See I told you and before you even ask, no I cannot give you the lotto numbers because of the whole space-time continuum thing. You know, if I tell you something then it changes…

It was a typical night, where I am cleaning the living room of toys and art supplies from the floor and table in the living room after my kids’ whirlwind of playtime once again. One by one, I place the toys back on the shelf, and the art supplies back into the nearby desk. The squawking from the talking heads from the news plays in the background on the TV left on. I usually do not pay too much attention to the information, but this night was slightly different. The images of police and ambulances screaming across the screen as…

“We have been walking for hours!” Exclaimed the beautiful young woman from behind. “You said this would be a short walk. I don’t think you know where you are going.”

“Just a bit further,” I replied.

The forest seems to be an ever engulfing blanket of green and brown, swallowing us further and further down the gullet of the enormous deep rich underbrush. The crashing of the waves is what keeps me moving forward, getting louder and louder with every step we take, with every slash of the increasingly heavy…

Here I am, standing with my hands on my knees, hunched over, gasping for air. Coach Carroll is scribbling lines on a whiteboard, emphasizing the back cut. With less than six seconds on the clock, there was no margin for error. Still bent over at the waist, watching the sweat roll off my nose and hitting the ground below me, I feel a slight nudge on my right arm. Jerome, one of my teammates and arguably the best player on the court, is trying to get my attention while nodding his head towards the coach.

Basketball is more than just a game.

“Shawn, the inbound pass is…

Shawn Viveiros

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